This Autumn at Northwood Herbal...

Clinic Happenings:

-In person or remote phone or video conferences are available, let us know your comfort zone when you call to book.

-Herbal Apothecary Custom Tea Blends are now available from our Dispensary for our clients, based on your treatment recommendation needs. 


Nutrition needs:  

As the weather cools, our cooking habits change, and we start to increase comforting, slow-cooked meals, warm salads, broths, soups and hot drinks including herbal teas and mushroom hot chocolate blends. Autumn is the perfect time to enhance your immune system for the cooler months ahead.

-Vitamin D plays a role in over a thousand different functions in the body, be sure to add a supplement now (with K2 for best absorption).  For dosing and testing prior to guessing on your needs, please consult your health practitioner.

-Blog Posts to watch for: Skin Care Tips for Changing Seasons, Thanksgiving and Halloween, and Herbal Fall Bucket Lists

Your Health:

-Fall usually arrives here on the heels of a cold wind sweeping through.  The scents of autumn follow - crisp leaves, everything spice and woodsmoke.  For me, fall is a time of renewal, my favourite season of the year when we leave the hot and hazy summer pace behind, the days cool and just about everything has a fresh start

-Garlic is an amazing herb with a broad range of uses from culinary to medicinal. Garlic is a true powerhouse when it comes to enhancing your health. Strengthen your immune and heart health with this flavour filled herb.

-Cherry bark — the inner bark of the black cherry or choke cherry tree can be used as a cough remedy to support the immune system and stop unproductive coughing so a person can sleep

-Rosehips can be harvested now as well.  Those that are cherry red are rich in anthocyanins, quercetin, and vitamin C, as well as beta carotene.    They can be dried to use in winter tea, and soup. 

-Keep current with the blog and Instagram for new research, articles, and all things herbal medicine!

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