What You Need To Know About Covid19

I have been closely following the daily updates and changes surrounding the COVID19 illness spreading across the globe. The increased panic around the outbreak has prompted many to claim they have the next, greatest herbal cure… let me be clear – there is no cure for this virus, herbal or otherwise.   There are however plenty of great medicinal plants that can help boost your immune system and help your body more effectively fight it and other bugs off.

There have been a number of great articles written over the last week with respect to just this.  I won’t weigh in with another overlapping one, instead I have copied the links to some of the good ones for your reference (see below).

While I don’t feel complete panic or hysteria over the situation is warranted here in Canada at this point (seriously, enough with the toilet paper hoarding), this virus is on our soil and we do still need to be prepared.  And the best way to do that is to:

• wash your hands thoroughly and frequently... (and remember, WASH YOUR HANDS)

• use hand sanitizer when you can’t wash with soap and water

• get plenty of adequate rest (7-9 hours of sleep per night)

• get outside (time spent in nature is how we were supposed to live, cooped up indoors for 8-10 hours a day is not!)

• moderate exercise

• eat a healthy diet loaded with lots of veggies; avoid processed foods and sugars

• hydrate your body (with clean, filtered water)

• support your immune system with vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, iodine

• include herbs like elderberry, ginger, garlic, and astragalus (want to learn more? Post your questions below or email me directly)

• Don’t panic

• Consider having on hand enough supplies to get you through a 2-week quarantine, including food, necessary medications, pet supplies

• Stay home if you end up ill with mild symptoms; if you have more serious symptoms (high fever, respiratory distress) seek medical assistance.

Great links to herbal and general tips for immune support (I will likely add to this list as I find more but these do a great, thorough job of giving you all the information you need at this time):






The situation is changing on a daily basis. No one really knows what to fully expect, so following the tips above to support your body and immune system will go a long way to keep you healthy throughout this outbreak.

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