Wellness Tips For Fall!

Now that it is fall and we’re back into full swing with school, sports routines, shorter days and cooler weather, here are some wellness tips to help keep your family’s health in check (read also: mom’s sanity ;)

Start, if you don’t already (but really should) taking a vitamin D supplement. Obviously since we get most of this vitamin from the sun and our sun exposure drops when it get’s cold, we spend more time inside and end up with less of this necessary vitamin produced. Vitamin D is needed for your bones, as well, it plays a role in muscle function and your immune system to help protect against infections and other illnesses. We’re chronically deficient here in Canada so a supplement usually goes without saying but a simple blood test can give you your numbers and help for correctly dosing what your body needs.

Get your yearly check-up!

Whether it’s your family doc, or you want to book a wellness check with us, this one is self-explanatory! Always good to check in, set some health goals and make sure you’re in good shape!

Take some time for yourself.

Autumn and winter are the seasons of slowing down, turning inward, and embracing self-care. You deserve the break so carve out the time and take it! Try something new, or reconnect with a passion or hobby you love.

Boost your immune system.

Drink plenty of water, remember to wash your hands often to decrease the spread of germs, and eat a variety of whole, nutritious foods. There are so many seasonal fruits and veggies packed with all the vitamins and minerals your body needs. As well, there are plenty of herbs you can use to boost your body’s defenses. From adaptogens like reishi that adjust your body to stressors placed on it, to the powerhouse elderberry full of bioflavonoids and other proteins that destroys the ability of cold and flu viruses to infect your cells.


Ahh the dreaded Daylight Savings… Commit to going to bed earlier when you can, especially before the time change, and you’ll reap the benefits. Let’s face it, it gets dark much earlier so why not use it to your advantage and give your body the extra sleep!

Make plans for the months ahead.

Yes, I know I just said get more sleep, but I didn’t mean hibernate until spring! Your body still needs to MOVE, so plan things to keep you busy and connected with others. Stay active to get movement in throughout the day with things such as walks to take in the beautiful fall colours or quiet of winter, or that early morning yoga class to start your day energized. There are still a lot of options when the weather changes… and yes, raking leaves or shoveling snow counts too!


Sure the coconut oil has announced it’s fall by solidifying, but these months are when your skin needs it most! Harsh temps and drying indoor heat make this a necessity. Don’t forget to moisturize from the inside out with lots of water too!

In season fruits and veggies. I LOVE this time of year! Beets, apples, cabbage, squash, pumpkin, and root veggies all taste so good, and are good for you. See my other post on seasonal eating here: https://healthyinspiredlives.wordpress.com/2015/09/14/eating-seasonally/

And lastly, be kind to yourself.

We go from summer, late nights, and lots of quality time with friends, to a busy return to school, set routines, and a crammed holiday season. Reaching for poor food choices or overindulging with holiday treats, shorter days and run down immune systems can bring weight gain, low moods, and even illness. With less resentment or criticism, take note of these times and find ways to get back on track. Your body talks to you ALL THE TIME so start consciously listening and give yourself what you need to enjoy the season ahead.

Happy autumn folks!

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