Flu Shot? No Thanks.

Each year in the late fall the hype mounts around the flu shot… Australia has just finished their winter (and “flu season”) and is usually a good predictor of what we’ll face here in the coming months. As usual, it’s a bad one. No flu is fun, no one wants the chills, or to be bedridden for a few days, I’m sure nausea and vomiting aren’t on your Christmas wish list either - but for the majority of us the influenza virus is self-limiting, and while it isn’t pleasant, allowing your body to rest and recover is the best approach and occasional illness helps to strengthen your immune system.

Aside from their experiences with the severity of the symptoms, Australians also give us info on the efficacy of the flu shot ahead of our peak months for contracting the illness. And that was a whopping 10% effective this year.

In case you’re wondering, there will never be a good flu vaccine.

Why? Because there are hundreds of different viruses that cause the flu and flu-like symptoms and those who manufacture the vaccine have to guess a year in advance about which strain of flu that might be making the rounds in the coming year.

And to take it one step further…

The scientific evidence proves its a waste of time having a yearly flu vaccine.

The ‘Gold Standard’ in scientific medical research (that includes careful and thorough reviews of medical studies and literature, as well as comprehensive peer reviews) is The Cochrane Collaboration, which is an independent group of scientists based in the United Kingdom that don't have any links to government or industry. And guess what they discovered about the flu vaccine:

  • It isn’t effective for children under 18 years of age or for adults over the age of 65 (the age groups that vaccine manufacturers claim are most at risk).

  • In those between the ages of 18 and 65, the shot is only about 30-50% effective in an average year (which means it fails up to 70% of the time. And this year? 90%).

  • There is no reduction in the transmission or hospitalization rates for people who get the flu shot. And those government advertised death rates from the flu are grossly inflated.

  • In extensive studies of both humans and animals, the flu vaccine can and does make you sick.

Weighing the risks and benefits that come with yet another vaccine, why not consider the alternative? My recommendation? Don't waste your time with the flu shot when some Elderberry syrup will do the job instead!

Cochrane Review link: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/20614424/

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