Be Still.

Up here in my neck of the woods it is the first days back to school after the Christmas holidays... and I am certain I was not the only parent that exhaled when that school bus pulled away all the while dreaming of drinking an actual hot cup of coffee. It's been a great few weeks with all my littles... so why do I feel drained and in need of an extra week to myself?

Women spend such a large portion of their lives nurturing others.

When we find ourselves focusing more on others than ourselves, we often times become worn out, stressed out and run down. Instead of addressing it, we simply keep pushing through chalking it up to a busy season or a crazy week. For those of us who spend time caring for others, it is too easy to forget about our own needs. It’s basically running on fumes when we don’t take the time to re-fuel the tanks. And in the winter months this can feel even more profound as we spend more time indoors and less physically active, having a worse impact on our overall health.

We spend so much time and effort caring for our partners, children, pets, friends,

family members, employers and employees. Add to that the numerous sports commitments, volunteer activities through our children's schools, errands, housework, family functions, meetings, etc.—and there isn’t much time left to carve out for ourselves.

Women need to balance the stress and demands of daily life with those activities that bring a sense of peace and well being to their minds and bodies. Women who neglect their own needs in favour of only nurturing others often find themselves unhappy, they can have low self-esteem and feel resentment.

So what does self care look like? It’s about identifying your own needs and taking steps to meet them. It is taking the time to do some of the activities that nurture YOU. No, it's not grabbing yourself your favourite latte at the drive thru while running to pick a kid up at hockey practice and making a mental grocery list (even if you did get to drink it hot in the car by yourself). Self care is about taking proper care and treating yourself as kindly as you treat others. For some that may mean having a heart to heart with a good friend over tea, or trying that new yoga class. For others it's going to bed early, getting in a workout, or taking a few quiet moments to just breathe, no distractions, and centre yourself before continuing on with your day. Whatever it looks like to you, take a moment today and make YOU a priority. You owe it to yourself and your health.

If you're looking for bigger ways to prioritize self care, making healthy changes to feel your best and you'd like some help achieving those goals, message me and lets chat :)

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