A season of growth and change...

“Herbalist. Someone who lives at the edge between the world of people and the world of plants.”

I started this journey many years ago, and have since learned so much (and continue to all the time!)…

I had a teacher in one of my first herbal medicine classes that handed out a tiny lemon balm seed to each of us and told us that was where we were in that moment. She went on to say to us that every seed starts out small, but has a unique voice and a story all their own just waiting to grow and be told. As budding herbalists we were tasked with digging down deep and learning as much as we could to secure solid roots, before we could grow into a flower that would provide joy and support to our own families and communities. I have never forgotten that lecture and what it inspired in me. That lit the spark that has only grown through the years.

To be involved with others on their own health journey, while using plant medicines to improve their vitality and wellness is a role that never grows old. It has been a magical and deeply personal journey that has truly allowed me to understand the importance of healing - both in myself and in my community.

I have been taking stock these last few months on what really resonates with me and how I see the future of helping others while doing what I love. Businesses grow and change. This has evolved from the direction I took when I first planted that tiny seed, to where this journey is taking me now.

While I have studied, practiced and incorporated a variety of modalities in my years in practice, herbal medicine is my passion.

What I choose to practice is intuitive and grounded in the traditional cultures of our ancestors and families from around the world - where whole plants are used to treat whole people, and careful attention is paid to honouring our connection with the natural world.

Welcome to Northwood Herbal.

Farrah xo

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