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Meet Farrah Thompson

-Doctor of Botanical Medicine (DBM), National University of Medical Sciences, Spain
-Certified Women's Herbal Educator
-Master Herbalist (MH), Wild Rose College May 2021

 I am practicing herbalist and my greatest passion is educating individuals on the use of herbal medicine, honouring our innate connection to nature, while empowering them to be involved in their own health and wellness.

​I am dedicated to teaching and promoting a lifestyle of wellness and vitality through primarily the use of medicinal herbs, but also through nutrition, and optimal health practices. ​I am particularly passionate about heart health, stress and disease, and women’s health.   

What is Herbal Medicine all about? 

Plants have been used from the earliest times to heal both humans and animals, and herbal medicine is still the most widely used medicine world-wide today.  We have an innate connection with nature – the cells in our bodies are biologically familiar and compatible with the natural chemicals found in plants. 

Botanical medicine refers to the use of a plant’s seeds, roots, leaves, bark, berries, or flowers for medicinal and health purposes.  As one of the oldest medical systems in the world, herbal medicine has once again become mainstream as people look for a better model of health care, and improvements in analysis along with advances in clinical research prove the value of herbs in treating and preventing disease.

Herbal medicine has been used throughout history to ease a wide variety of illnesses and is gaining more recent popularity as more people are looking for alternatives to the many side effects associated with modern medicine. The gentle and effective healing properties of whole plants are able to restore their natural state of health. Herbal medicine is incredibly safe and effective, used both alone and in conjunction with conventional medicine.  As a herbalist, I focus on treating the whole person rather than just a diagnosed condition or a set of symptoms.  Your physical condition, past medical history, diet, current supplements and medications, and any emotional issue along with your lifestyle are all factors in your health. 

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Why Herbal Medicine?

It can help with

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Specific herbs, probiotics and nutritional support to help restore and promote a healthy digestive system.

Hormonal Health

Address hormonal imbalances, bringing harmony and emotional health to the body.

Immune Health

Support immune health and promote vitality in those who feel run down.

Stress and Emotional Health

The Impacts of stress can be devastating to our health, negatively impacting our resistance to illness and our ability to balance our hormones, our digestive function and our adrenal glands.  Herbal medicine can support people during stressful periods and help their bodies to adapt to further stressors, allowing people to build resilience and cope successfully with life.

Nervous System

Calm the nerves, lift the spirits, or quiet the mind, restorative sleep.

Women's Health

Herbs can support the transitions in a woman’s life through puberty, fertility years and perimenopause/menopause, as well as reproductive pathologies.


"Your commitment to helping and serving others is something I notice a lot about you!  I appreciate that you provide preventative care and feel like I am working with a professional that actually cares for me.  You have chosen a sacred path and I thank you !"

— M Hale




Herbal Preparations

Prepared from your personalized herbal protocol or for acute needs, may include

tinctures, syrups, teas, or external applications.

Naturopathic Medicine Shelf

Initial Herbal


Full review of current health concerns, general well-being, past medical history, diet, exercise and lifestyle.  Discuss treatment priorities, root causes, and how we will look at your overall whole health when starting your herbal protocol.

Rosemary Cosmetics

Follow Up


On-going support or acute visits.  

Scheduled on an as-needed basis to discuss current herbal protocol or any new concerns you may have.    

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"Someone who lives at the edge between the world of people and the world of plants".

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Whole Plant Medicine

Intuitive.  Grounded in Traditional medicine.  Treating whole people.